Working to Prevent Crime

In the book of Job (5:12) we read that God "disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise." The great stories of the Bible show that those who intended to do evil often felt the restraining effect of God's law. This effect was demonstrated when there was someone who embraced and obeyed the law of God with understanding and courage.

The Egyptians were defeated by God's law because Moses understood it and practiced it. The Philistines were defeated by David because David trusted God to show him how to fight Goliath. The forces of evil were overcome by Christ Jesus because he understood Truth and was willing to lay down his human life in demonstration of Truth's perfect law of Life.

The destruction of criminal tendencies in individuals today will not be overcome by our merely waiting for God to do His work. Those who understand something of God's law must face this problem and find the solution for it in terms that are humanly practical. The youth of our time must learn to govern themselves with integrity. Men and women must learn to find pleasure in spiritual reality instead of in godless matter. The beliefs in twisted minds, distorted values, criminal compulsions, must be met with the power of the one Mind in ways that prevent crime and cure the criminal.

Of Good Report
September 26, 1964

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