Improved Beliefs

No one questions that great changes are taking place in the world. Surely we cannot impute these to sheer materialism. Improved methods of communication and transportation achieved through technological advancement, benefits brought about by increase in the productiveness of machines, agricultural developments, a more humane and efficient economy, political and social enlightenment—all can be interpreted in Christian Science as improved beliefs. They show the effect of Truth acting upon human consciousness and breaking down mortal limitations.

According to Christian Science, everything material indicates a limited state of thought. Matter, then, is not external to human consciousness but a concept within it; it is human belief, and belief must gradually give way to spiritual concepts in order that God's infinite creation may appear. In this process improved beliefs imply the gradual disappearance of matter, and this will continue until every limitation vanishes in the light of revealed Spirit and its universe of unlimited spiritual concepts.

Who's Doing It?
May 19, 1962

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