The power of Truth as taught...

THE power of Truth as taught in Christian Science is effective in meeting an emergency. I am happy and grateful to bear witness to this fact. In our state, stop signs are placed on all four corners of many busy intersections. Several years ago, while I was driving on a narrow but well-traveled road, I came to a stop at one such sign and noticed a truck coming in the opposite direction at a rate of speed that proved the driver had not seen the sign.

The truck was pulling a large cabin cruiser on a boat dolly; and when the driver did see the sign and attempted to jam on the brakes, the dolly broke loose from the truck and started to roll down my lane of the road. Quickly I drove to the edge of the road with a large palm tree in front of me and a high hedge to the right preventing my going further.

Signs of the Times
December 1, 1962

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