I went skiing one weekend with...

I went skiing one weekend with a group of young Christian Scientists. As I skied down a narrow, bumpy path, I fell, and one of my skis fell off. So I pulled myself of! the path to make room for other skiers to pass through. As I was putting my ski back on, one of our group came down the course and lost control of his skis. He ran into me, and his ski tips rammed my back. I had not seen him coming; so I was quite stunned by the blow. My thoughts were jumbled, but I did not then feel any pain. However, the suggestion kept coming to me: "You've got to be hurt. The points of the skis went right into your back!"

Just then my friend said, "You are all right now." Those words were very welcome, for they were spoken with the conviction that man, God's child, is perfect, and they were just what I needed to help me resist the temptation to believe I had been injured. My thoughts became flooded with the truth that man is an idea, existing in Mind, God, and that since God controls every action of His spiritual reflection, no accident had in reality occurred. I felt completely free and continued skiing the remainder of the afternoon.

Testimony of Healing
The Bible states, "Prove all...
September 9, 1961

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