I am very grateful to God for...

I am very grateful to God for showing me the way to Christian Science. More than fifty years ago I accepted this Christ Science as my way of Life, not because I was in need of physical healing, but because I wanted to know the truth of God, man, and the universe. When our textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, was first presented to me I could hardly stop reading it and was engrossed even to the point of neglecting my household duties. Then one day I found to my delight that I had been healed of the habit of biting my nails, which had plagued me since early childhood.

Among the many healings which I have experienced is that of a tumorous growth of five years' duration. Upon my husband's insistence I had finally allowed a doctor to make a diagnosis of the condition. His verdict was that an immediate operation was necessary. However, my husband had promised that I could have Christian Science treatment, and after the doctor left my home a practitioner was called for prayerful help. I experienced an immediate healing. Since then there has been no recurrence whatsoever of this malady.

Testimony of Healing
I have always been grateful for...
August 19, 1961

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