[Following is the text of the program of the above title released for broadcast the week end of November 15-17 in the radio series, "How Christian Science Heals," heard internationally over more than 800 stations. This is one of the weekly programs produced by the Christian Science Committee on Publication, 107 Falmouth Street, Boston 15, Massachusetts.]

RADIO PROGRAM No. 218 - Don't Pass It By!

Speaker: The view that we take toward our fellow men can make a great difference in our lives and others' as well. Our guest today had interesting proof of this when she was teaching school, and we've asked her to tell you about it. I'd like you to meet Mrs. Hazel Blahnik of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Mrs.Blahnik: When I was teaching second grade quite a number of years ago, there was a boy in one of my classes who seemed to have no ability to remember what he was taught. He was one of a number of children, in my classes, who were mentally retarded. In the area where I lived, such children were not provided in those days with special classes or schools. It was customary to keep them for a few years and then pass them on to the next grade.

Testimony of Healing
In the Bible we read (Hebr. 4:12),...
November 23, 1957

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