When I was fourteen years old,...

When I was fourteen years old, my two younger brothers had to be quarantined with scarlet fever. The authorities whom my parents called, as the law requires us to do in such cases, said that I would have the disease too. However, I had learned in the Christian Science Sunday School that disease is not real. I helped my mother nurse the boys and was in constant contact with them, knowing all the time that God never made sickness and that I did not have to be sick. God protected me from catching the disease.

Some time ago I was asked to go for a boat ride with a friend, and as a result of falling from a high dock into the boat, I experienced a seriously injured foot. I was unable to use the foot when I tried to stand up, and I had to be assisted out of the boat. When my friend wanted to take me directly to a hospital, I asked to be taken home instead.

Testimony of Healing
At a time when I felt very much...
October 12, 1957

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