The same divine Principle which enabled Christ Jesus to heal instantaneously all manner of sickness is as available today as it was centuries ago. Through the revelation of Christian Science the operation of this Principle, Love, is again being demonstrated, and in many cases students of Christian Science are performing instantaneous cures similar to those performed in the early Christian era. There are numerous authenticated records of these. In fact, there are probably few students of this great Science who have not borne witness to such healings in their own or in another's experience.

Mary Baker Eddy, who discovered Christian Science, says (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 40), "The Founder of Christian Science teaches her students that they must possess the spirit of Truth and Love, must gain the power over sin in themselves, or they cannot be instantaneous healers." In proportion to our purity and spiritual understanding of Truth, we too are able to declare with conviction, "Be thou clean," "Stretch forth thine hand," "Arise, and walk," and behold immediate healing effects. This is the goal of every Christian Scientist, and accordingly he strives to become Christlike and to understand more of the divine Principle which makes these healings possible.

September 15, 1956

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