The mental environment of an infant is of considerable importance to its progress. The parents should consistently hold in thought the right concept of the babe. The child's physical appearance is not his real selfhood. This material appearance is a human concept of an idea of divine Love unseen to the material senses. As the parents gain an ever clearer concept of the perfect man of Spirit's creating, and as they identify their thoughts of themselves and the child with this ideal, the human concept of father, mother, and child will be improved and family conditions will be harmonized.

What are the mental qualities most desirable to establish a harmonious environment in the home? Undoubtedly the quiet, calm, orderly spiritualized mentalities of the parents are of fundamental importance. Every child needs to feel a sense of security, a sense of mental as well as of physical comfort. And this is assured when the parents are in complete agreement with each other through the recognition and demonstration that God, the one Mind, divine Love, governs all in perfect harmony and activity.

Church Dedications
January 29, 1955

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