[Of Special Interest to Young People]

In the second chapter of the Gospel of St. Luke the story is told of the young Jesus, who was found by his anxious parents in a temple astounding the learned men of his day with his knowledge. Luke relates (verse 47), "And all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers." It must have puzzled the scholars of that time that the boy was able to talk with them so fluently. How was he able to do this? Because he was listening to God. He knew that God is Mind, and he proved that when one turns his thought to God, divine intelligence, he will know the correct answer to any problem.

When the answer is unfolded, any difficulty which has previously limited one melts away and the correct solution takes its place. What difficultly can actually exist when Mind has already given us the answer? Can perplexities come to the student of Christian Science in the form of a problem for which there is no solution? God is creative Principle, Life, Truth, Love, and can dissolve any discord. We have but to listen to and obey this Principle in order to find the answers. Through the still small voice of God, good, they will come to the attuned consciousness.

January 8, 1955

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