No one has ever relied so exclusively upon Truth as did Christ Jesus. He absolutely refused to compromise his spirituality by making concessions to matter. As a consequence, he was able to perform the mighty works which those who witnessed them called miracles. Naturally people loved him and followed him, because they wanted what he could give. But the ritual-bound scribes and priests did not share the people's enthusiasm. In their eyes he was a troublemaker, a radical, whose activities they distrusted. "He stirreth up the people" was the accusation made by those who brought him to Pilate for judgment (Luke 23:5).

In the absolute sense, it is true that Jesus was radical. A dictionary defines this word in part as, "Of or pertaining to the root or origin; original; fundamental; ... reaching to the center or ultimate source." Always Jesus went straight to the root or source of the inharmonious conditions which were presented to him for healing. So completely fundamental was his viewpoint that he was able to read the thought of those who came to him and to heal them. He did not treat symptoms, as do matter physicians; instead, he directed his treatment to the falsely mental cause of the physical effect, saw it as nothing, and replaced the discordant belief with the realization of spiritual perfection.

June 12, 1954

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