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One day in winter during the...

One day in winter during the Second World War, I slipped on the ice and severely injured my leg. Since I had been ordered to appear at a recruiting station and was now unable to go, I needed a doctor's certificate. The doctor diagnosed the case as a double rupture, or tear, of the large muscle at the back of the thigh. Three different doctors examined the leg but could not help me. They told me that the torn muscle would have to be sewn together, and then the leg would have to be put into a cast for six months so that the muscles would gradually grow together. They doubted, however, that I should ever be able to use the leg normally again. I was released for two years from having to appear at the military recruiting station.

With confidence I turned to a Christian Science practitioner. Because the teaching and practice of Christian Science were strictly forbidden in Germany during the war and letters were censored, I could do little more than mention my condition to the practitioner, who lived about ten miles from my home town. On the day my letter reached the practitioner, I was able to get up, stand on the leg, and walk around. In a week I could leave the house without being helped and could look after my business. The following summer I was again able to swim long distances in the sea and to climb without hindrance high mountains in the Alps.

Testimony of Healing
With the deepest sincerity I...
April 10, 1954

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