I should like to express my gratitude...

I should like to express my gratitude to God and to our Master, Christ Jesus, and also to Mary Baker Eddy for the truths revealed in Christian Science. It was a joyous day when this Science was presented to me, because it has indeed illumined my path and shown me the way from sense to Soul. Before I knew of Christian Science, I doubted the presence of a spiritual power, but this religion has taught me to pray aright and to expect to receive according to my deserving.

Some friends had told me about this Science and related some of their own healings. When I was told by a medical doctor that surgery would be necessary for my relief from several physical difficulties, I decided to investigate its teachings. My first visit to a Christian Science practitioner resulted in the overcoming of a liver complaint of many years' standing. The healing has proved to be permanent.

The regenerating power of Truth has also cured me and other members of my family of many discordant conditions. Constipation, chronic backache, sinus trouble, colds, food poisoning, are among those that have been overcome.

Testimony of Healing
In Isaiah we read (55:1, 3)...
August 15, 1953

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