There are times when every thinking human being questions the meaning of his own existence. He quite naturally wants to know the truth concerning himself, his origin, his identity, and his destiny. Christian Science reasonably and satisfactorily answers these questions and also reveals that an intelligent search for God brings to light the understanding of man as the exact image and likeness of God. In knowing God we therefore find our true selfhood. Christian Science declares that because God is Life, man lives, and lives eternally, as the idea and expression of Life. "For in him we live, and move, and have our being," said the Apostle Paul (Acts 17:28).

Because God is Mind, man is the incorporeal individual idea of Mind, revealing and expressing Mind in true knowing. Because God is Love, man is the conscious evidence of Love. One may therefore understand why Love constitutes man's true and only being. In an understanding of God as Spirit, Soul, one finds the answer to all spiritual inspiration and vision—how and why man as the divine image evidences the inspiration and spontaneity of Soul.

Recognizing the existence of an infinite cause, we also recognize its infinite effect. Searching for and gaining the idea of God, we discover the nature of man as the exact and perfect expression of God. The creator would not be a creator if creation were not. Cause and effect are one and inseparable. They are coexistent. God would not be God if man did not exist. Mind, in order to be Mind, has to have manifestation. Mind without ideas is an impossibility. In the understanding of Christian Science, one becomes spiritually conscious of God, and as he does so, man is revealed, because God and the manifestation of His own being are one and inseparable.

August 15, 1953

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