Our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy...

Our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy, after telling us to maintain the facts of Christian Science, writes (Science and Health, p. 417), "Then hold your ground with the unshaken understanding of Truth and Love, and you will win." Her words were proved true in my experience when I was involved in a serious automobile accident which left me so badly injured that I was not expected to live.

Although I had only brief moments of consciousness, I was led by God to ask for the help of a Christian Science practitioner whose name came clearly to my mind. With my sister she came to the hospital, where I had been taken after the accident. No medicine or material remedies were given me at any time after their arrival. It was known that I was a student of Christian Science, and this fact was lovingly respected by all. My sister and a friend alternated in remaining at my side. They lovingly helped me to replace fears and false suggestions until right thoughts were established in consciousness. For their loving and consecrated help I am truly grateful.

It was found that I had sustained a double fracture of the pelvis bone, broken ribs on one side of the body, and a broken anklebone. These bones were all set through the mental surgery of Christian Science alone. My face, which had been so badly disfigured that people were told not to be disturbed when they saw me, was also completely healed. It was said that I would never hear a human voice again, but I hear perfectly. Extreme nausea, confusion, and shock were all overcome. Throughout this experience I did not suffer one moment's pain, thus proving the power of divine Truth to be greater than that of medical opiates.

Testimony of Healing
The most wonderful healing I...
August 15, 1953

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