Christian Science teaches that the right idea of subjection in the case of man obtains solely in man's relation to God. In the true account of creation, given in the first chapter of Genesis, is stated this primal fact (1:26): "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness." This declaration declares man's real status as the reflection of God. All that God includes, man has by reflection. A reflection must be the exact likeness of the original. It cannot be otherwise, since it depends upon the original for its very existence and is subject to it in every respect. There can be no reflection without an original. God, the original, determines what His reflection shall be and controls and governs it. This truth is a liberating fact to the student of Christian Science.

Being subject to God as His reflection, man is subject to all that the synonyms for God imply. Subject to Life, man coexists with God and is eternal. Subject to Truth, man expresses all that is immutably right and unerring. Subject to Love, man is loving, harmonious, and forever at peace. Subject to Soul, man enjoys the sinless bliss of spiritual sense. Subject to Spirit, man possesses only substance which is intact and can never be destroyed. Subject to Mind, man is truly intelligent, embodying all God's perfect divine ideas. Subject to the infinite creative Principle or cause, man as effect is governed by the spiritual laws of harmony.

May 31, 1952

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