I wish to express my gratitude for...

I wish to express my gratitude for the many blessings and healings I have experienced since I became a student of Christian Science. Recently it has been my pleasure to work on the thought of harmony and to prove that harmony exists among friends, in families, and in business. I have also done work regarding universal harmony.

I should like to tell of an instance when a beautiful healing of an inharmonious situation took place. I had made application to take an evening course which taught how to run a telephone switchboard in a private branch exchnage. Prayerful thought had been given as to the choice of a teacher, and plans had been made to start the study. While visiting a friend who had recently completed this course, I mentioned my plans to her. This friend, who is not a Christian Scientist, but who admires Christian Science, thought she was doing a kind act in telephoning to the teacher to recomment me. She also told her that I was a Christian Scientist.

Testimony of Healing
Soon after commencing the study...
May 31, 1952

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