Christian Science reveals that man is God's expression and is therefore spiritual, not material. This man of God's creating —and there is no other man—is permanently active, expressing the nature and attributes of his creator, Mind. He has no work but that which Mind, God, originates, and he is conscious that his work is to express the eternally unfolding goodness of God.

The view which is commonly accepted by those uninstructed in Christian Science, that one's work is comprised chiefly of human effort, leads mankind to assume that supply must be gained by the sweat of the brow or human astuteness. This view brings with it many problems, including those of finding suitable employment and satisfactory reward for the work done. Human judgment sometimes assumes that men are too old to be useful, and on this account they are often replaced by those who, because they are younger, are considered better able to do the work. Over work or shortage of work may burden men with responsibility, and the pressure arising from selfish competition may engender a sense of worry and fear. Probably the greatest concern in this material concept of work is that supply may cease through unemployment or circumstances which cannot be controlled.

Christian Science teaches that God is omniaction and that man is the reflection of Him who is omnipotent, all-acting Mind. In this true work there is no competition. All of God's children, the ideas of Mind, are permanently employed, and no one can interfere with or hinder the work which God is doing and man is reflecting. Man does not make progress at another's expense. He exists now and always at the standpoint of perfection. Because God has given man the endless task of expressing Him, he is therefore eternally engaged in the Father's business; and God, Mind, governs all in the divine economy.

February 16, 1952

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