During the past twenty-five years...

During the past twenty-five years I have had many healings in Christian Science, healings of a sick body and a sick business. One of the most remarkable of the latter was in connection with a large public building which I erected. The contract for its construction was entered into with a large firm. Shortly after completion, the foundation showed signs of deterioration, making it necessary to close the building for fear of collapse. This entailed financial loss of no small proportions, as the project had been proving very profitable. Suit was filed in court against the contracting firm, which was a wealthy one. I had put all the money I had and could borrow into the building, and so I was left with practically no means with which to conduct the suit. A firm of attorneys was found which was willing to handle the case on a contingent basis.

A year elapsed before the case came to trial, and though the attorneys on both sides agreed that the case would probably last about three weeks, it took over five months to complete it.

Testimony of Healing
At one time it was necessary to...
June 9, 1951

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