Christian Science first came to...

Christian Science first came to me during the so-called depression years. I had been doing some housework for a woman who was a Christian Scientist and was impressed with her happy and harmonious home life, It was because of her manifestation of love and trust in me that I became interested in Christian Science. While I had been going to her house once a week for over four years, nothing had been said about her religion, but I began to feel the influence of good. I remember saying to myself, "Why is it that everything seems all right while I am in this house?" I thought that it must be the influence of Christian Science, and then I began to ask questions about it. My first question was about what they believed happened to one after he passed on. I was told that we go on until we reach perfection. That was an entirely new thought to me and certainly seemed like the right kind of goal. It also seemed very wonderful to be able to aspire to perfection.

Later I was asked to attend a Christian Science lecture. There were two very wonderful statements made at the lecture which I shall never forget. One was, in substance, that man in the image of God is divine, pure, and perfect, the other was that Mrs. Eddy had given us in Science and Health a revelation so complete and so perfect that one knowing this could never doubt its divine origin. The latter statement was certainly a challenge!

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science came into my...
June 9, 1951

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