During the nearly forty years I...

During the nearly forty years I have been a student of Christian Science, I have received blessings without number. My first healing was that of an accident to my right hand, which resulted in almost total loss of its use. Under Christian Science treatment the hand was restored to complete usefulness and has remained so through the years. A later healing was that of some ailment which affected every part of my body, and that healing too has been permanent. There were numerous others, including one of carbon monoxide poisoning. For all these proofs of the healing power of Christian Science, I am very grateful.

I want to express gratitude for the healing of grief and the sense of separation resulting from the totally unexpected passing on of a loved companion of thirty-nine years, years of the fullest and most complete married happiness. Gratitude is essential in Christian Science healing, and in this hard experience I found much to be grateful for, the daily expression of which has greatly helped. Most important of all, I am grateful that I have Christian Science to sustain me, and it has proved to be the promised Comforter.

Testimony of Healing
One evening in January when...
December 15, 1951

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