Pelvis injury healed by mental means alone

I should like to express my heartfelt gratitude for a healing I experienced through the help of Christian Science. One Sunday in February, 1947, I was going home late in the evening and slipped on the icy street, falling on my left hip. Some passers-by lifted me up, and because walking proved impossible, the carried me home. A friend telephoned to a practitioner, and help was given at once. The next morning the practitioner visited me, and because there was no Christian Science nurse available and I needed physical care, we deemed it advisable to call in a doctor to make an examination. He came that same afternoon and advised me to have an X ray made, which was done the following day and showed that the condylus had penetrated the pelvis and was held in it. This condition needed a surgeon's care and would probably need treatment with the use of a stretching apparatus. It took the doctor several days to make the necessary arrangements, and on Friday my friends wanted to telephone him, but I told them I was not in a hurry and wanted to await God's time.

In the meantime Christian Science work was carried on conscientiously by both the practitioner and me, and I began to see something of the reality of true being, with the result that when the doctor called on Saturday, I was able to tell him that there was great improvement. All the pain was gone, and whereas at first even the touch of the sheets had caused considerable pain, I now could move my ankle and knee joints freely. Moreover, the left leg was not shorter than the right one, as had been expected.

Testimony of Healing
Love proves no separation. Peace from reading textbook
June 25, 1949

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