"We are all capable of more than we do." These challenging words of Mary Baker Eddy's are found on page 89 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." They are included in a discussion which explains that the power to express eloquence, beauty, or poetry depends upon the inspiration of Soul, God, and not necessarily upon the processes of education. But our Leader's words are applicable to every human endeavor, and one who adheres to the truths of Christian Science refuses to accept limitations of talent or intelligence imposed by various mortal beliefs of heredity and environment.

Christian Science rejects the evidence of the corporeal senses which presents man as a mortal, born of flesh and exercising meager spiritual and intellectual capabilities. It reveals man as the spiritual, conscious identity of being—the idea, or emanation, of divine Mind—and proves that his abilities are derived from Mind and hence are infinite. It shows that man's eternal function is to embody the attributes of divine Principle in all their boundless scope and range of beauty and usefulness. God's ability to express Himself is unlimited, and man's proficiencies and skills are likewise unlimited, for he is God's manifestation.

June 25, 1949

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