Can there be too much or too little substance? Understanding of Truth supplies answer


Significantly, the Scriptural passage read near the end of Sunday services in Churches of Christ, Scientist, all over the world includes the words, "Beloved, now ...," thus emphasizing immediacy and love. Yet a student who every Sunday for a score of years had heard the whole glorious affirmation from the third chapter of I John, "Beloved, now are we the sons of God," felt startled when a lecturer on Christian Science applied this assurance directly to his audience. For a moment this student held back, as if from news too good to be true. Then he began to discern that the statement was not news, but had been true all along; further, that only the good is true. He recognized that now each one of us is in truth a son of God, and more, he saw that every individual may and should now claim this sonship and begin to learn what it means. The certification of our birthright is found in the Bible, and Mary Baker Eddy has abundantly pleaded our rights to this inheritance.

God's fatherhood of man was manifested in the advent of Jesus. Because of his understanding of his divine sonship, Jesus could express the Christ-idea and demonstrate its availability to meet all human needs. This sonship equipped him to erase mortal man's hallucinations of sin, disease, and death. His experience on earth pointed the way for all mankind to liberate themselves from the Adam-dream of life in matter.

May 14, 1949

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