Are we learning to voice only good? Christianly scientific courtesy defined


True courtesy, the expression of good manners in their highest sense, is a spiritual quality. It is a recognition of the innate dignity, worthiness, and lovableness of man as the reflection of God. It manifests the love, poise, and gentleness of true selfhood. Christly courtesy is needed in human contacts, and the ability to express this courtesy is attained through an understanding of man's unity with God. It is a mistake to think that outward polish, elegance, and politeness can express the fullness of true courtesy, which comes only from a heart filled with the graciousness and friendship of Soul.

The practice of Christianly scientific courtesy demands that we hold each other in loving esteem, knowing each to be in reality the representaion of divine Mind, reflecting the intelligence, beauty, and perfection of this Mind. It also requires that we acknowledge one common source of being, one Father-Mother, God, from whom emanates all spiritual beauty and purity, and to whom all ideas are perfect. The courtesy which results from such an acknowledgment does not tolerate discourteous cliques, but welcomes the stranger, making him feel comfortable and at home. It forbids prying into the affairs of others and concedes to everyone the right to work out his salvation in privacy and according to his own light.

May 14, 1949

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