Christian Science was brought to...

Christian Science was brought to my notice by a friend more than forty-five years ago. At the time I was beset by difficulties in three directions. I was suffering from the effects of a nervous breakdown, I was out of employment, and I was wrestling with mental unrest caused by losing my faith in orthodox religious teaching. At first I argued with my friend against Christian Science, but gradually my hostility wore away, and I was persuaded to attend a Science church service. It was like a glimpse into a new world. The truths of the allness of God, Spirit, the unity and allness of good, the unreality of evil and matter, man spiritual and perfect, all came to me with clearness and conviction. I saw, too, that all this was the teaching of the Bible. My religious unrest was thus ended.

As a result of this enlightenment I got relief from the nervous weakness, and one or two minor ailments which had troubled me for some years just disappeared. All this happened while I was away from my home town on a holiday. On returning home, however, I got out of touch with Christian Science, and the relief I had obtained was soon lost. For nearly two years I turned to material means for gaining health, although at the back of my mind there remained the conviction that I had found the true idea of God, man, and the universe. At last, after trying a so-called rest cure, I was led to turn to Christian Science again, and through reading an article in The Christian Science journal was straightway healed of nervous debility, and I have never had a return of it. I wholeheartedly accepted Christian Science then, and during the many years that have followed it has been my help and guide. I have had many physical healings, some being instantaneous and others taking varying lengths of time, but all brought about through the application of the truths of Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I owe much to God for all the...
December 31, 1949

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