One afternoon a few years ago...

One afternoon a few years ago I was discussing a business matter with a prominent physician of our community. Suddenly he put his finger on my face and in a startled tone of voice said he was going to take me to the hospital on the next day and remove something before it removed me. I smiled at him and said that I felt sure he had no need to concern himself about me. Then he said, "You don't know what you are talking about; you have a malignant cancer, and if it is not cut out at once, you may not have a second chance." Again I tried to avoid talking about it, but he kept at me until he was called by telephone to return to his office.

That night I did a lot of work, studying and praying to know that as a perfect idea of Mind neither I nor anyone else could have any such condition. I saw the doctor every few days when he came into the bank where I am an executive officer, and each time he found me alone at my desk he lectured me vigorously about the dangers of cancer. Finally the situation became annoying, although there was no fear in my thought, for I had never for an instant accepted any of the statements he made as being true or authoritative.

Testimony of Healing
"He that handleth a matter...
August 28, 1948

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