When I had been attending the...

When I had been attending the Christian Science Sunday School but a few months, I started having light attacks of what appeared to be appendicitis. One day I had an attack that confined me to bed. When I was not better the next day, my father, who was not a Christian Scientist, said that something must be done. I was allowed to choose for myself, a doctor or a Christian Science practitioner. Although I knew very little of the truth, I chose Science. That night I had a particularly severe attack. My mother got out of bed and called the practitioner. Before she could get back to bed, the pain had disappeared, and there has never been a return of it. The next day I had no pain, but I felt as though there were a vacuum in my side and I could not stand up straight, so it was necessary for me to stay home from school the third day. On the fourth day I was entirely free from the difficulty.

As a child I was always unhappy and morose. I found that as soon as I entered the Christian Science Sunday School, I felt like smiling and was happy there, but the condition was not entirely overcome until several years later, when I began to use what I was learning in the Sunday School. In fact I did not realize that it could be overcome until I read this verse from Psalms (118:24): "This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." I decided that each morning, as soon as I awoke, I would repeat this verse along with the "Daily Prayer" from the Church Manual (Art. VIII, Sect. 4) before any unhappy thoughts had a chance to get in. Mrs. Eddy says (Science and Health, p. 406), "Resist evil— error of every sort—and it will flee from you." I proved this statement true, for in a short time I found myself waking up in the morning feeling happy.

March 27, 1948

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