Several years ago our young son,...

Several years ago our young son, then seven years old, was phasing on his way home from school. He was running with a pointed stick in his hand when he tripped and fell, and the sharp point of the stick pierced the corner of his eye. He arrived at home with a large piece of his lower lid hanging loose. A Christian Science practitioner was telephoned to immediately for treatment. She advised me to have a doctor put the flesh back in its proper place as a protection in case of questioning by the school authorities. A neighbor, an eye specialist, was called, who, after examining the boy, informed me that he would have to put stitches not only in the lid but also in the eyeball, because it too had been cut. Worse still, the tear duet had been severed, and he doubted whether it could be replaced properly, predicting that the child might be disfigured for life. The doctor did nothing but take the stitches, and the practitioner continued treatment.

My own fears had to be removed so that I could see clearly that God, Principle, alone operates. A better understanding of faith as "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Hebr. 11:1), came to me also. The bandages were removed in a couple of weeks, and the doctor asked me to bring the boy to his office, where he gave him a thorough examination. When he had finished he turned to me and said, "This is a miracle." Our son's vision is perfectly normal, the tear duct functions properly, and there are no scars.

Testimony of Healing
"Look away from the body into...
March 27, 1948

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