Awake to Gratitude!

Gratitude is a priceless treasure to be valued and guarded as a most cherished possession. The grateful heart is open to receive the infinite and constant flow of good proceeding from God. It opens the way for the activity of Christ in human consciousness.

When one's consciousness is filled with gratitude, belief in evil is nullified, for gratitude acts as a shield against aggressive mental suggestion. Gratitude for God's allness and man's oneness with God goes hand in hand with other graces of Spirit, such as humility, fearlessness, and joy. Purity of thought is allied to humility and is a definite protection against animal magnetism. This was wonderfully exemplified when David slew the Philistine, Goliath of Gath. Then it was demonstrated that trust in God and moral courage were sufficient to destroy error's pretensions to power and presence. This courage and confidence in God's goodness strengthened David for the many tasks which lay ahead of him.

June 7, 1947

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