Spiritual versus Material Power

In view of the publicity about the threat of the atomic bomb, it behooves the Christian to examine his understanding of what constitutes real power. Having subscribed to the Gospel teachings that God is Spirit and is omnipotent, how can the Christian believe that a material force exists which is capable of destroying man? He has no choice but to cling fast to his Master's teachings and reject utterly the conjectural claims of material theories that creation is susceptible of dissolution by a material, or atomic, force.

Where but to the Gospel records of Jesus' accomplishments can the Christian look for authority on the subject of real power? There he finds spiritual power excelling in every department of human life—the mental, the moral, the physical, on land and on sea. Sin, disease, death, beliefs in time and space, all gave way to divine power when wielded by one who lived in accord with the divine rules, and who steadfastly resisted the evidence of the physical senses. No mystery is attached to this power. The master demonstrator of it said simply (John 14:12). "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also."

The Pure in Heart
May 31, 1947

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