Christian Science and Christian Scientists

There is a clear-cut distinction between Christian Science and Christian Scientists which should be recognized. Too often Christian Science is judged by the way those who are studying it perform on the stage of human experience. Occasionally their conduct and viewpoints are not particularly creditable or representative of Christian Science. Perhaps you have heard someone say, having in mind some unpleasant experience with a student of this Science, "Well, if that is Christian Science (and he implies that he thinks it is), I want none of it."

It is certainly right to expect that those who are honestly studying and striving to apply the teachings of Christian Science will show the effects in healthier bodies, better poised mentalities, and, in general, improved conduct and a higher standard of action and life. On the other hand, anyone who judges Christian Science simply by the immature understanding that Christian Scientists have yet gained of it, and by the measurable application of it that they have accomplished in their human lives, is making a serious mistake which injures himself more than others, for by so judging he may unwittingly raise a barrier between himself and this healing, satisfying Science of Life, which he sorely needs.

Freedom from Want
May 12, 1945

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