In spite of Habakkuk's definite statement (Hab. 1:13), "Thou [God] art of purer eyes than to behold evil," mortal mind or the carnal mind, which, Paul says, "is enmity against God," constantly urges us to believe that which is not true. In this particular it performs somewhat the same function as do sensational news reports. These seize upon some misfortune or crime or destructive incident, magnify it out of all proportion, give it large headlines, and then circulate it among those who are thus led, day by day to believe that evil not only is real but is even more powerful than good. Frequently reports or rumors are published for which there is little or no foundation, thereby influencing many people to accept as true that which has no basis in fact.

The carnal mind is truthless; it claims to be able to convince us that evil is real and powerful, and with little or no reason it whispers to us of failure, lack of ability, uncertainty, loss of opportunity, lack of understanding, and a host of other untruths. Sometimes it may persuade us to believe that we are afraid of something, that we are helplessly sick or disabled; that our case is incurable; that we lack the necessities of life, or perhaps that we cannot find suitable employment.

"Love thy neighbour as thyself"
April 28, 1945

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