The Courage of Today

In all the annals of human history there will not be found records of greater physical courage than those written on the pages of today's seeming warfare. This courage is not confined to any one branch of the service, to age, or to sex, but flames in the hearts of all, the highest citations for valor being awarded to countries as well as to individuals. The questions inevitably arise: Is this so-called physical courage, evidenced in either spectacular brilliance or indomitable endurance, being matched by that moral courage which is the structural fiber of any country, state, or society? Do men and women meet with equal bravery and steadfastness the attacks on their moral and spiritual being, on the sure foundation of which alone rest the peace and order of the world?

Cowardice seeks to hide iniquity and thinks to succeed through evil methods, political chicanery, the corruption of party interests, false personal allegiances, the lure of the senses. Never before has the demand been so imperative that moral courage on the home front equal the physical courage of the battle front. The spiritual courage that wins and maintains peace must be as resourceful, as self-sacrificing, and a ultimate as the courage that maintains and wins wars. Spiritual courage brings obedience to spiritual laws, an immovable stand for those spiritual realities which alone have lasting value, authority, and power.

September 2, 1944

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