Sunday School Observations

The Superintendent of The Mother Church Sunday School received a request from a Sunday school teacher in a near-by Protestant church, asking if his class of fourteen-year-old boys could visit the Sunday school. Arrangements were made to have these boys, six of whom came, taught by one of the regular substitute teachers. They were accompanied by their teacher, who attended the service in The Mother Church, while they were in the Sunday school.

Although the boys knew nothing of Christian Science, they were taught strictly in accordance with the Manual. First, the boys were asked to take Bibles from the rack and see for themselves that these were the King James Version, just the same as they had in their own Sunday school. Some general explanation was given of the Lesson-Sermons, and then the first and fourth sections were taken, allowing opportunity for questions. Next, the boys were asked if they knew the Ten Commandments. Since they were not too well informed on this subject, the teacher spoke of the two occasions on which the Commandments were given to Moses and the instructions given him for their preservation in the ark. It was explained that Moses then saw that God revealed Himself to man through law and governed man by that law, and when Moses saw this he was enabled to heal, and that this was the first appearing of divine healing humanly applied in the Bible.

Testimony of Healing
To the glory of God, and in...
September 2, 1944

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