Our Unlimited Capacities

Referring to the men who have led human thought in the field of discovery and development, intellectual and mechanical, Charles F. Kettering, Director of Research of the General Motors Corporation, recently said: "There have been only a few thousand of these thought cultivators in the history of the world. It has been said that except for about fifteen hundred of these thinkers, living in the last three thousand years, we might still be living in caves. Along with these original thinkers, we have millions who are afflicted with mental laziness—those who are satisfied. They are the easy thinkers."

Christian Science produces original and constructive thinkers, "thought cultivators," men and women and children who are learning the source of all true thoughts and their God-given ability to draw on that source for the ideas that healthify, happify, and bring peace, progress, and usefulness into their own and others' lives.

The Courage of Today
September 2, 1944

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