Sincerity Courageous

How often does the individual in writing a letter affix his name to the words, "Yours sincerely," without considering their implication! Yet they have the endorsement of his signature. It must be that when they are lightly regarded it is because they have become a mere formula.

Nothing, in actual fact, is more important to ourselves and in our dealings with others than sincerity. No permanence, no beauty of relationship, no worthy achievement, is won without it. On page 1 of her Message to The Mother Church for 1901 by Mary Baker Eddy we read: "All that is true is a sort of necessity, a portion of the primal reality of things. Truth comes from a deep sincerity that must always characterize heroic hearts." We do well to note the word "heroic," for it reminds us that sincerity demands courage. It calls for an honesty of purpose which indulges in no dissimulation, shares in no hypocrisy or misrepresentation; which is primarily concerned not with its own advantage but with the truth.

July 15, 1944

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