Love Enfolds All

A YOUNG soldier who is an earnest student of Christian Science was quartered in a barracks where many were manifesting symptoms of influenza. He worked faithfully to keep his own thinking clear and free from fear, but one night after going to bed, he found that he also appeared to have all the symptoms of this malady. A sense of disappointment and discouragement, as well as self-pity, welled up in his consciousness. "Why," he thought, "should I be suffering from this disease? I have worked mentally with all my understanding to know the nothingness of it, but it does not seem as though it had done any good." Then, as a flash of inspiration, the answer came. He had been knowing that he was protected because of his understanding of Christian Science, but he saw that all along he had felt that his buddies were not. As soon as he recognized and corrected this, he was completely healed. All the aggravating symptoms which a few moments earlier had been so apparent disappeared.

This young soldier realized that Love includes and enfolds all; that the same Love that watched over him was likewise watching over his friends. He realized, as never before, that "God is no respecter of persons," but that Love is ever present and available to all. This Christian Scientist knew that he had touched the hem of the seamless robe.

"A man set under authority"
October 28, 1944

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