From The Christian Science Board of Directors

We are met at a time and under conditions which emphasize as never before the importance of understanding and daily making practical the divinely inspired teachings of Christian Science that God is Life, and that man as His expression is as eternal and undying as God Himself. There is then no more pressing need at this crucial hour than to extend these teachings and to demonstrate the fact that man, rightly conceived of, is not a physical creature subject to destruction, but a spiritual identity eternally existent in that ever-present Mind which is God. As will be seen from the report to follow, these very truths are today being demonstrated in a gratifying degree through the healing ministrations of those who are engaged in carrying on, at home and abroad, the wartime activities of our movement. Great gratitude is due both to them and to the members of The Mother Church and its branches who have so generously given of their time, money, and prayerful thought in support of this vital work. No better evidence of this devotion and support could be offered than is furnished in the following letter from a member in a midwestern state:

"I am sending three dollars to be used for the boys in service. It is not very much, but I cannot take anything out of the farm income so had to earn it myself, and as I am far past the age limit for being employed I endeavored to raise some money by planting a garden. Last summer we had a flood that completely washed away the garden and crops in the surrounding country. But I still had faith that there was some way to earn money, and it was revealed to me one night to go to a corner of the farm where a logging camp once stood and there I would find some scrap iron that I could sell.

July 17, 1943

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