As a child I attended a Protestant Sunday School

As a child I attended a Protestant Sunday school. I also dutifully accompanied my parents at the regular church services. Passing the age of adolescence, I began to question the validity of much that I had read in the Bible, and also of the learned dissertations by ministers of the gospel to which I had listened. I did not question the sincerity of the preachers, nor did I depreciate the importance of the Bible as a source of ethical culture, but the seeming contradictions and inconsistencies appearing in the Scriptures, especially in the Old Testament, puzzled me. Gradually my interest in religion faded and I became a questioning agnostic.

On reaching manhood I became addicted to the use of tobacco. The desire for alcoholic drink grew with cumulative effect until I became a confirmed drinker. Profanity and a debased sense of humor were other unlovely traits which had become a part of me. I had been physically frail and sickly from childhood, and through the years had used up countless bottles of advertised remedies and tonics in a futile search for health.

Testimony of Healing
It is with great joy that I give...
July 17, 1943

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