Awareness of Truth Nullifies Error

Protection , healing, and regeneration in Christian Science are based upon the axiomatic fact that Truth destroys untruth. God, good, is Truth. God and His perfect manifestation, man, the embodiment of all right ideas, are the sum total of reality. It follows that the opposite of God, that which is not good, is untrue. Since fundamental opposites cannot exist simultaneously in the same place, a scientific, spiritual awareness of Truth annuls untrue beliefs in human consciousness and heals the sick.

The Way-shower, recognizing this fact, said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Jesus did not say that we should merely know about the truth, for that does not result in demonstration. Knowing the truth is spiritual revelation; it is prayer or treatment. Human reasoning, embracing analysis, denial, and rejection of the claims of material sense, is often an aid in the mental process of unseeing that which is untrue. However, the divine logic which heals and protects is an unfolding awareness of the truth about God and man, a specific comprehension of present perfection. Strictly speaking, a Christian Science treatment does not heal man; it reveals man.

Defense Work
July 17, 1943

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