The Unerring Direction of God

[Of Special Interest to Youth]

AT a time like the present, when, according to material evidence, the future is uncertain and familiar landmarks are almost daily swept away, young people are sometimes tempted to accept the mortal mind cry that youth has been trapped by world events, and as a result is helpless before unyielding laws or unstable economic and social conditions. Young men and women who are active Christian Scientists, however, are refuting this false testimony of the lying serpent, because they see the basic falsity and groundlessness of the arguments.

One of the most persistent of error's claims is the illusion that man can be separated from God; that his harmonious coexistence with the Father can be interrupted. This suggestion sometimes presents itself to men in the armed services by insinuating that they have been misplaced, or forced to do work for which they are not suited; it presents itself to young people of college age, saying that they are unable to determine whether they belong in college or in active defense work. The maze of conflicting mortal arguments is readily cleared away when the problem is raised above merely material reasoning to the realm of Spirit.

Holding a Goodly Conversation
March 20, 1943

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