Perhaps at no time in human...


Perhaps at no time in human history have men reached out with more determination than at present to understand and utilize the power of good in the struggle for freedom, health, and happiness. Where but to the churches must they look for an answer to this need? Responding to this widespread appeal, the Christian churches today are engaged in the work of revealing God to the world, even as Paul endeavored to enlighten the Athenians on the true nature of God. When Paul saw on an Athenian altar the inscription "TO THE UNKNOWN GOD," he announced, "Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you." He not only preached the ever-present, eternal, and good nature of God, but demonstrated the correctness of his teachings by "signs" of healing.

This, indeed, is the challenge of the world which the churches have accepted, and by diligent effort on the part of the individual members of the churches to spiritualize and Christianize their own lives, the fruits of knowing God aright will become apparent.

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