Divine Protection and Healing

How intense are the prayers which are going up from the heart of humanity today! In these trying times supplications are being poured forth continually from affectionate hearts for loved ones on the earth, in the air, or on the sea. Often it is fear which prompts the prayers, for mortal mind is constantly suggesting that something untoward may occur to injure, impair health, sap vitality and strength. As the war between nations increases in scope and violence, those with faith in a power higher than themselves will continue to pray more diligently than ever that this power shall protect those dear to them.

Some of the prayers being uttered—many of them—are but shadowy things, lacking in spiritual substance, because they are addressed to "the unknown god," to a power higher than the petitioners it is true, but only feebly understood. Other prayers are inspired by a faith based on a degree of comprehension of a loving Father's care for His children. Others still are inspired by a genuine understanding of the divine nature—God's nature—a true understanding of the deific power and presence, an accurate perception of the spiritual nature of God's creation, man and the universe, and of the relationship of man to God, the Principle of man's being.

The Expectancy of Good
September 12, 1942

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