"The stability of thy times"

Like everyone else, the Christian Scientist is faced with the prophecies of a long war, of the bombing of cities, of the lack and depletion of their populations. As long as he is participating in a human society, he should be patient and loving in connection with the fears thus engendered, and in supporting wise human methods employed to secure protection and stability. The Christian Scientist can and does co-operate in bringing about such human measures and material defenses. While doing this, he should keep sufficiently alert and awake so that he may never swerve from his true sense of existence and security. He is in a position to meet the predictions of evil and the ways to protect himself in a different mental attitude from those as yet unenlightened by Mary Baker Eddy's revolutionary discovery.

Christian Science has made it possible for its earnest student to recognize that only the eternal, infinite, and good constitute the nature of God; and for that reason must be called basically real and ever present. Whatever appears as different from the divine has to be classified as utterly untrue and unreal, however true and real it may seem to be from within a human sense of existence.

Thinking Rightly of Everyone
June 27, 1942

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