"Now is the day of salvation"

How inspiring and encouraging to mankind is the message of Christian Science that harmony and health are spiritual realities at this moment! Christian Science brings to us the assurance that a loving Father has created all, that His creation was and is perfect, and that therefore all inharmony is false.

Beginners in the study of Christian Science sometimes find it difficult to accept unreservedly the fact of the nothingness, the unreality, of all discord. They cognize with the physical senses the workings of seemingly overwhelming powers of evil, which at times appear to submerge and defeat that which is right and good. They may have advanced far enough to be confident of a future victory for righteousness. They may say, "Right will win in the end," but such a stand is far from the goal of present perfection. The fear that the realization of health and harmony can be deferred by evil, admits that evil is an entity, a real force, a power opposed to and temporarily overcoming good. The admission that evil has transient power undermines the ability to destroy the beliefs of disease, sin, and other human ills. To meet successfully the claim of evil we must know that good only is real, and that evil is unreal. We must stand firm, supported by the conviction that, irrespective of what physical sense may testify, the man of God's creation, made in His image and likeness, is perfect, and that he forever abides under the protection of the Most High.

Built on Love
June 27, 1942

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