Practical Help in Healing

Healing through Christian Science, even of what commonly are considered the most serious and stubborn diseases, often comes very quickly, as the testimonies given in our periodicals and churches continually show. In other cases, persistent work may be required to bring about healing. Under the latter conditions, what may be done to forward and complete the cure is always, naturally, one of the most interesting questions.

The essential requirement under all such circumstances is plain to those who have gained an understanding of the method of Christian Science healing. It is a clearer realization of the truth, the truth of the allness and perfection of God, infinite Mind, Life, and Love; of man's oneness with Him as His perfect expression; and of the consequent unreality of the disease. For where realization of spiritual truth is clear and unqualified, healing is spontaneous and inevitable. But how is this realization to be gained when one has striven for it earnestly and has not yet attained it? That is, now and again, the practical question.

November 7, 1942

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