True Self-Government

One erroneous phase of the human mind is the tendency to look for, cling to, and submit to personal leadership. To heal the difficulties resulting from such a state of thought, it is important to realize that it is the outcome of seeking and yielding to personal opinion in countless small ways, instead of relying on divine Principle. The only way to experience a more satisfactory expression of freedom is to be individually self-governed under divine Mind. In her Message to The Mother Church for 1901, Mary Baker Eddy has stated (p. 20): "We have no moral right and no authority in Christian Science for influencing the thoughts of others, except it be to serve God and benefit mankind. Man is properly self-governed, and he should he guided by no other mind than Truth, the divine Mind."

The acceptance of undue personal guidance is based on the assumption that certain persons are sufficiently intelligent to manage the affairs of others more successfully than they can themselves. From a limited personal standpoint, this may sometimes appear to be so, but the results of following such a policy are unfortunate, both for those who would assume the responsibility of directing the actions of others and for those who would submit to such direction. Those attempting to control others become excessively burdened, and those following their guidance become, or remain, dissatisfied.

"In the name of the Lord"
January 11, 1941

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