Christian Science was not a new subject to me when I...

Christian Science was not a new subject to me when I first turned to it for healing. As a child I became very much attached to the daughter of a neighbor who was seeking healing through Christian Science. I still remember her love and sweetness. It was her reflection of the Love that is God which appealed to me. Before my marriage my employer, who was a Christian Scientist, would sometimes tell me of healings he and his family had experienced, and I always listened with great interest. At his invitation I attended a lecture on Christian Science. I shall ever be grateful for this first definite step towards the truth, for shortly after this I married, and two years later, when our son was born, I began to long for something in the nature of religion in our home.

When our son was six months old, he became very ill with eczema in an alarming form. Our family physician was consulted, and she informed us that it was an inherited disease, and that he would no doubt suffer from it in some form all his life. Medicines were prescribed and faithfully administered, but the child continued to grow worse. After a period of two months we took him to a child specialist, who immediately reversed all that the former physician had said, and diagnosed the trouble as being due to a faulty diet. A strict diet was prescribed, and again we followed instructions. By this time the outward evidence of the disease was most alarming. Once again we were doomed to disappointment, for there was no improvement in his condition, but he "rather grew worse." A third physician was consulted, and the two former diagnoses were reversed. The ailment was said to be due to his teeth, and the claim was made that the child would have the trouble until he received all his second teeth, a matter of several years. All this awakened me sufficiently to realize that medical science had only theories to offer, and I longed with all my heart for something which would free this little one from such suffering.

Testimony of Healing
It is with sincere gratitude that I recount some of the...
July 20, 1940

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