Going Out into the World

[Written Especially for Young People]

When the time comes for the young student of Christian Science to leave home and Sunday school and to dispense with the help of those who have guided his early footsteps in the truth, it is well for him to remind himself that he can never be separated from anything which he needs for his continued progress. Rather is he being given fresh opportunities to test his spiritual capacity and to prove his faith by his works. He remembers that in order to understand more of Truth he must utilize what he already knows of it.

Mrs. Eddy's admonition to a group of her own students might well be applied to all those venturing forth for the first time into the world. In fact, each one of us might with benefit begin the day's activities with the import of her words in our hearts (Miscellaneous Writings, pp. 281, 282): "You will need, in future, practice more than theory. You are going out to demonstrate a living faith, a true sense of the infinite good, a sense that does not limit God, but brings to human view an enlarged sense of Deity." Demonstrating "a living faith," bringing an enlarged sense of God, good, to human view, means making our religion practical. It means being "instant in season, out of season," knowing when to speak the word of reproof to error, and when the spoken word is needed. But, most of all, it means letting our lives speak for us, so that our protestations of goodness will not outweigh our demonstrations of it.

Prepare Ye Vessels
May 11, 1940

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